Join A FREE DistroList Webinar
That Will Put You Ahead of 99% of Entrepreneurs!

Join A FREE DistroList Webinar That Will Put You Ahead of 99% of Entrepreneurs!

Discover How I Transacted Over $800 Million in Sales Using Distribution Channels and How You Can Make a TON of MONEY Following the Same Strategy (Even if You're BRAND NEW!).
Get REAL TRAINING, NOT useless content. 
Get REAL TRAINING, NOT useless content. 
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PLUS: Receive a 5-Day FREE Trial to the DistroList App for Attending! 
PLUS: Receive a 5-Day FREE Trial to the DistroList App for Attending! 

What You'll Learn on This FREE LIVE WEBINAR...

Generate Income Effortlessly

Discover how to start earning without needing a product, an audience, or clients right from the start.

Launch Your Own Business

Learn how to identify lucrative opportunities in any industry and offer exactly what your audience needs when they need it.

Scale Your Business

Empower your business to operate globally and continuously, making sales even while you sleep.

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Only 100 Seats Available

Savraj Aura, Founder & CEO

Savraj Aura
Founder & CEO

Savraj Aura is an international businessman who has funded and transacted hundreds of millions of dollars through DistroNetworks worldwide. 

He founded, a software company that helps everyday businesses assemble an external and performance-based sales force to sell and promote their products and services to the right audiences, their ideal customers. 

Savraj educates and entertains entrepreneurs sharing his obsession with ways to make money and grow businesses. Find his content on social media @savrajaura and on his podcast, @DistroBoss, which can be found in video format on YouTube and an audio version anywhere you listen to podcasts.
"My goal is to turn your company into a money-making machine."
Savraj Gata-Aura, CEO and Founder of DistroChannels
Savraj Gata-Aura, CEO and Founder of DistroChannels


Years of Experience

A decade mastering distribution channels, driving unprecedented sales and business growth


Business Helped

Guided businesses, transforming their sales strategies and amplifying their market presence

$800+ Million

Sales Transactions

Proven success with $800M+ in sales transactions, covering diverse product offerings and services
 Trusted by countless CEOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs 

Are Your Ready to Elevate Your Lifestyle & Embrace a New Business Venture?

Are You Struggling to Start or Grow Your Own Business?

You are about to be given step-by-step instructions to start or grow your own successful business. So, get ready for a low-risk approach that generates immediate revenue and empowers you to take control of your life.

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Registration is Open for Our Next LIVE Webinar - Don't miss it!
Registration is Open for Our Next LIVE Webinar - Don't miss it!
DistroChannels is reshaping business growth with advanced distribution strategies. 

Our goal is to help businesses of all sizes grow and succeed by making these powerful tools easy and accessible for every entrepreneur.


At DistroChannels, we promise expertise, honesty, and top-notch service. Our approach is shaped by years of experience and proven success. 

When you partner with us, you're choosing a journey towards growth and excellence, guided by our steadfast commitment to your success. 


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